I am going to share my battlefield 1 multiplayer tips and some tricks to get you started in the game.

The assoult class is the new engineer this class is very similar to the engineer class in the past battlefield games this class can be loaded out with such thing like anti tank weapons you can equip things like a rocket launcher and mines. If you are the type of player that like to be on the front line then this is the class for you to push the front line.

Spend Warbonds wisely.

As you play battlefield 1 and progress in the game you will get Warbonds they can be hard to get so I would recommend spending them wisely. Spend them on the class that you use the most so if you like to play as a medic spend them on this class as you go frow the game you will get Moore and more Warbonds but early in you dint get a hole lot.

Look out for medics in the death scene.

When you go down in battlefield 1 you are faced with a death scene and a count down timer look out for medics they will revive you so don’t just give you look out for them.

Wepomds and vehicles

Battlefield 1 doesn’t have as many weapons as past games in the series. However, what the game lacks in weapons, it makes up for in the number of variants available for each weapon. Each offers different characteristics; for instance, a weapon can have variants with larger ammo capacity, full-auto firing, or even enhanced hip-fire accuracy. With so many variants available, we encourage you to experiment with each one to find out what best suits your play style I like to go for the tanks I don’t like flying the plans as I am hopeless at that but offer may not be.

Fire mortars.

You can fire mortars in the game and don’t whait keep firing them keep looking and keep firing to help your team.

Play as a medic.

When playing as the medic class you can drop health for offer players try to stick with players and help them out if one goes down and you can get to them then do revie them as soon as you can. Some players won’t whait and this can be annoying to you when playing as a medic but keep at it.

The death train.

They is a train in battlefield 1 that just comes up randomly in the game it normally apares random and normal when you are losing it come when you see it try to get in it as soon as you can it has hevery wepomds and can turn the tide of war fast and easy.